Imogen Heap & RjDj Jogging Music App Project

Recently we have been working on a great project with Grammy award winning musician Imogen Heap. Its a super exciting project to make a music app for jogging which changes the music as you run!

There were 6 videos made of our progress through the project prototype stage.

Here is the introduction video from Imogen

Here is the week 1 video where we visited Intel headquarters to take a peek at what they are up to there. Then we came back to Imogen’s studio and started to build the algorithms of the music.

Stay tuned for more videos to come later this week!



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EXCLUSIVE TEASER of Junkie XL+ REMIX in The Dark Knight Rises Z+


Listen to this EXCLUSIVE TEASER from the forthcoming FIGHT! Junkie XL+ remix in the awesome The Dark Knight Rises Z+ app.

It transforms sounds around you into a huge BANE punch! Here it samples a finger snap and turns it into a barrage ofpunches! You have to experience it to believe it!

Release date : This Wednesday 16th Jan.

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Dimensions chosen in top 12 most beautiful apps of 2012!


“Some apps are too wild and experimental to ignore. That trait is certainly the case for RjDj’s Dimensions game, which genuinely takes you to — what feels like — another dimension.” The Next Web

We were delighted to find that Dimensions was chosen as one of the most beautiful apps of 2012 by The Next Web.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should!

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