More than an app.


After over 4 years in the app store we thought it’s about time to take a step back and look at the crazy RjDj universe.

It all started with our good old RjDj app, which was released 4 years ago and was the foundation of our initial success – a great music community and also the cradle of all the other apps we developed. It has also been a big inspiration for many other app developers. Many of the musical tools used in our apps “The Dark Knight Rises Z+“, “Inception the app” and “Dimensions” were pioneered in the RjDj app. 

In all these years, RjDj grew out of this app and really became something different. RjDj became a new way how to think music, it became a brand. This development is something we want to enforce which is the reason why we are now positioning everything for our future.

As a first step we are cleaning up our “old” apps which also means that we are retiring the good old RjDj app. Don’t be sad, we are working on some great new content released through “The Dark Knight Rises Z+” app and we are also working on the exciting “Music Zones” project which we are currently test driving in the UK app store.

So starting from next week, we won’t make the app available in the app store anymore, so if you are a nostalgic app collector, this is your last chance to get it. You will still be able to use the installed app but we won’t be supporting it any longer. This means that you won’t be able to upload recordings or download scenes. On October 8th we will also change our website.